Episode 1B

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Jello Cubes

(On the Enterprise-E)
Picard: Will, we should get a move on.
Riker: Ey' sir.

(Later on the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: We should rondevous with the Enterprise soon.
Night: Captian, reporting for duty.
Daniel: Oh, great to have you aboard!
Ensign Dan: Captian, reporting for duty.
Daniel: Oh great...You're relieved!

Captain Daniel: Are we there yet? Nevermind. I'll just be in my ready room. When we get there, tell me. Commander Night, you have the Bridge. Please don't try to visit that Disney Planet.
Commander Night: Okay Captain. Understood. But Captain, were you serious about the Disney Planet?
Captain: YES!

(In the Ready Room)
Captain: Boy am I stressed out. I feel like listening to some 20th centurymusic. How about that ancient rapper/movie star Will Smith. Play that.

(On the bridge)
Commander: Boy is he stressed. It looked like he was about to pull a phaser on me. Oh well.
Helm: Commander, we just passed the Disney Planet.
Commander: Oh man. Wait a minute. I have that program on the Holosuite. I'll just go to it later.
Helm: We will be approaching the Enterprise any minute now.
Commander: Okay. Night to the Captian, we are arriving at the Enterprise.
*Captain: Okay, I'll be there.

(The Captain makes his way to the bridge)
Captain: Helm, slow to impulse.
Ensign: Captain, there are signs of phaser fire.
Captain: Scan the Enterprise.
Ensign: Their shields are down and it looks like they were in a fight.
Captain: With who? Scan for other warp signatures.
Ensign: Oh my gosh Captain! It looks like the Borg was here.
Captain: What?!?
Ensign: It looks like--
Captain: I know what you said! Open a channel to the Enterprise.
Ensign: Channel open.
Captain: Phoenix-X to the Enterprise. Are you okay?
*Captain Picard: We are okay, thanks. We have been attacked by the borg. They are on their way all across the quadrant to the assimilate another planet. Our systems will be online in a minute and we will be ready to go after them again.
Captain: That's a relief. I thought for one minute that you had been assimilated.
*Captain Picard: Captain, I Have!
Captain: Oh yeah, I forgot. Okay. We will inform the Fleet. When you are ready, inform us and we will be ready to fight as well.
*Captain Picard: Okay, we are ready.

(Later on the Pheonix-X)
Night: So what is our plan Captian?
Captian: We are to rendezvous with the Fleet to follow the Borg. Understood?
Ensign: 20 starfleet vessels off the port bow.
Captian: Okay. That's great. Set a course.
Ensign: Yes sir.
Captian: We have to save that planet... Whoever they are. That's probably not important.
Helm: Sir the Cube has stopped and is heading towards us!!
Captain: All stop. Raise shields.

(Cube fires upon Pheonix-X.) (Everyone leans left and right)
Night: Red alert!
Captain Daniel: Return Fire
Lt. Commander: Firing.
Captain: Bring us about. Mark 120 mark 626
Helm: Half of the Federation ships are losing shields!
Lt. Commander: Shields down to 70%.
Captain: Activate phasers on a rotating module frequency.
Helm: Sir, two Federation Vessels destroyed. The Enterprise is hailing the fleet.
*Picard: I have taken command of the fleet, fire on the following coordinates. On my command... FIRE.
(Ships firing upon the borg vessel)
Captain: What!? I don't want no shiny headed human telling me what to do!
(The crew looks at him)
Captian: Oh just do it.

(On the Xena)
Captain Aeris: Take us about.
Helm: Captain, the Borg cube is accelerating again.
Lieutenant: It must be heading towards that unidentified planet.
Aeris: Stay with it as much as possible. That cube can travel at transwarp... I want our best weapons on those coordinates.
Lieutenant: Yes Captian.

(On the Enterprise)
Picard: Fire...quantum torpedoes.

(On the Prometheus)
Captain: Prepare multi-vector attack mode.

(On the Defiant)
Lt. Commander Worf: Fire phasers.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Captain Daniel: Keep it in range. Fire like a crazy person.
Helm: Yes sir.
Lieutenant: The Borg cube has stopped firing, it's--
(The Borg Cube explodes)
Night: Helm--!
Helm: Moving outta ra--!
(The whole ship shakes roughly. Everyone has fallen to the floor. Night gets up and checks the pulse on BOB)
Night: BOB, are you alright?
(BOB sits up)
BOB: I'm fine.
(Night walks to the screen to see what's going on. Debris is everywhere. Suddenly a starship in visual collides with a large piece of borg debris and explodes)
Night: Oh gawd.
BOB: Commander.. Ensign Rob, Lieutenant Wang is dead.
Night: Lieutenant Rock at Helm is dead too.
BOB: Commander--
Night: Don't worry, I'm an experienced pilot.
Armond: Commander, there are casualties all over the ship. There are leaks, oxygen losses, and-- Internal sensors just went offline.
Night: But we still have external?
Armond: Affirmative.
Daniel(gets up): We should go to DS9.
Night: I'm on it.
(Night takes the Helm)
Daniel: Armond, see if you can find any other Federation vessels and tell them to head back to Deep Space 9.
Armond: Ey' sir.

(On the Xena)
Aeris: Take us back to Deep Space 9. Engage.
Lieutenant: Captain, the Pheonix-X.
Aeris: Hail them. --Everything's under control here. There?
*Daniel(on screen): Yes, we have things under control here.
Aeris: Night, good to see you alive.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Night: Thanks Aeris, take care of the ship.

(On the Xena)
Aeris: Sure will. Aeris out.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Well that's a victory, eh?
Night: If you can call it that.
Daniel: Tell me about it. What planet were they trying to assimilate again?
Night: The Tree Species planet, sir.
Daniel: That was a close one.
Night: Yeah. I'm glad BOB was okay.
Ensign Dan: Captain--
Daniel: You again? You're relieved!! That felt good. --Whoever Ensign you are, I need a count on the casualties and a count on who are still alive.
Ensign Whoever: There are 200 people still alive and I can't count that high to how many people dead.
Daniel: I need to talk to the director of the Academy when I have the chance. They let the dumbest people pass these days.
Ensign Dan: Oh Buck up!
Daniel: You--
Ensign Dan: I know, I know... I'm relieved.